A Brief History Of Affiliate Marketing

The internet has changed everything from business operations to the personal execution of duties. Improvement in technology has facilitated the revolutionary of growth and development. One thing that the internet has facilitated the growth of in business enterprises is the use of Affiliate marketing. This is a type of internet service that businesses use to advertise and promote their products. You can click on a link when you are browsing the internet and get directed to a product. The link owner is then paid a commission because of your click; this is how affiliate marketing works. Affiliate marketing has come a long way over the years, and we are going to look at a Brief History of Affiliate Marketing below.

The history of affiliate marketing is associated with William J. Tobin in 1989, when he started off the first affiliate program. William J. Tobin got the idea during the early times of the internet and the web. He had started PC Flowers & Gifts which delivers flower orders all over the US. Tobin started off his lawn mowing business where he ran the company by himself with the help of his mother who provided him the capital to buy the lawn mowing equipment. After gaining some funds, he joined the army and joined a school program where he attained a business degree from Adelphi University.

Tobin was active and could not rest till he achieved his goals. He started off several startup companies, and this was when PC Flowers & Gifts was born. The company grew fast where they collaborated, and this company became the first company use affiliate marketing and was attributed to the launch of this form of product marketing. Since Tobin setup the framework of affiliate marketing, the mechanism has gone through several changes over the years where it has seen new methods and techniques developed as the technology improved and innovations came about.

Later on, Amazon developed their affiliate program where they availed to the general public who had some knowledge of the internet. In the year 1996, Amazon launched the Associates Program which invited people to sign up and offer product links on their website. This became a trend where many users enrolled in the program; they were paid a small amount of the fee generated from the sales by the Amazon and in return for referring new customers to their website.

This opened the door for other companies who adopted the system after seeing the success of Amazon from the use of their new affiliate marketing program. Many networks of affiliate marketing were created by the year 1998 such as Commission Junction and the ClickBank. These networks created a way which facilitated affiliate marketers share links and enabled payment of the small commission. These networks were smaller than the Amazon. The networks have contributed to the growth of affiliate marketing all over the world, and soon after the year 2000, the United State’s Federal Trade Commission published guidelines that helped the sector grow and get recognized by the authorities. Affiliate marketing became legitimate and had been adopted by many any individuals and large corporations all over the world.

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